Pyromaniac Metaverse
We’re going one step further than your standard NFTs as our Hero NFTs will be playable characters that you can use within our protocol and earn CAMPFIRE with! These NFTs aren’t meant to just sit on a shelf and look pretty, they’re one of the key features in the Campfire ecosystem. As they are assigned to go on quests, breed, or increase yields, and much more, earning you tokens through the whole adventure.

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There will be daily quests every day for players to complete using their Pyromaniac NFTs. These quests will be designed to be fun and engaging, while also providing a meaningful contribution to the Campfire ecosystem. Different categories of quests will be available, each with their own unique rewards such as unlocking locked $CAMPFIRE, increasing farm yields, reducing platform fees, etc.


Dungeons are a place for players to gather together and battle it out for rewards. Dungeons will take place every weekend and will be open to all players. Completing dungeons will earn you $CAMPFIRE, as well as a variety of other rewards.


Adventures are special quests. These quests are designed to be challenging and rewarding and will be the only way to level up your Pyromaniac Campfire NFTs.

Daily Login Rewards

To encourage players to log in every day, we will be providing daily login rewards. These rewards will include a variety of items, such as $CAMPFIRE, EGG tokens, Energy, Pyromaniac Campfire NFTs, and much more!


EGG Token

In order to breed your Pyromaniac Campfire NFTs, you will need EGG tokens. EGG tokens can be earned by staking $CAMPFIRE or winning events and challenges, they cannot be bought, sold, or traded. The more EGG tokens you have, the more Pyromaniac Campfire NFTs you can breed, and the more rewards you can earn.
EGG tokens are very slow to produce, taking a minimum of 7 days to generate a new token. This is done to ensure that the breeding process is not abused and that the rewards for breeding are significant. There will be an option to speed up the EGG production process by spending $CAMPFIRE (spent $CAMPFIRE will be burned), limited to once per day.
Once enough EGG tokens have been gathered, players will be able to select two mature (at least level 8) Pyromaniacs to breed and create a new, unique Pyromaniac Campfire NFT.


Completing quests, dungeons, adventures, and breeding your Pyromaniacs all consume energy. Energy can be regenerated by waiting, which replenishes at a rate of 5 energy every hour. A Pyromaniac has a maximum of 100 energy. Alternatively, energy can be regenerated by spending $CAMPFIRE, which will instantly refill all of your energy.
This page is still being worked on and more details will be released soon.