NFT Marketplace
The Bazaar (also known as the NFT marketplace) plays a crucial role in the Campfire Ecosystem. Players can primarily buy, sell and rent out our utility driven & playable NFTs in the Bazaar. Each NFT Collection will be a milestone in our journey to bring you a world of passive income earning NFTs, starting with Pyromaniacs from the 'Pyromaniac Camp' collection.
The Bazaar offers an open market where players can trade these NFTs like they would any other utility token.
Players who are not into collecting can use this as an opportunity to rent out their unused NFTs to other players and earn passive income in the process. Rented Pyromaniacs can be hired for hatching, quests, or professions, allowing players to pick out the perfect one for their needs. You do not lose ownership of your Pyromaniac when you rent it out for hire.
The campfire token will be used as a base currency to trade in the Bazaar, as well as pay for various premium features.
You can currently sort Heroes by the following categories:
  • Price
  • Generation
  • Rarity
  • Level


There will be a fixed 2.5% fee on all transactions in the Bazaar. When a Pyromaniac is purchased or hired, this fee will be taken from the seller (meaning the buyer does not need to pay extra).


Auctions are one of the most prominent features of the Bazaar. We will be hosting weekly fire auctions where fans can compete to purchase a Pyromaniac, or a set of Pyromaniacs. We have a ratio of 1:1, meaning every Pyromaniac purchased in the auction will have a free corresponding Pyromaniac given to the seller.
Users hosted auctions will be a premium feature, which will come with a 10% seller fee and a 2.5% buyer fee.
Auctions are a great way for investors to enter the market, purchase singles or bundles, and acquire a powerful squad of Pyromaniacs.

Encryption algorithm

Campfire Bazaar's smart contract uses a unique encryption algorithm, encrypts all bids, and ensures that all bids cannot be changed and encrypted information is irreversible.