Get access to access to the mega-highway of DeFi. More liquidity. More stability. More bandwidth. Less volatility.


The early 2000s boom ushered in a new era of internet innovation and entrepreneurship. The absence of computing infrastructure, on the other hand, was an industry-wide issue that threatened to limit the industry's rapid growth. Tech companies urgently needed access to an abundance of computing capacity to quickly build their web applications, serving as the foundation for their business models. This caused many startups to increasingly spend more on computing services than on the development of the product itself.
One of the most popular approaches to solving this problem was to sell computing services to other companies in the form of a utility (Ex: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure). This model proved to be very successful.
Unfortunately, with the emergence of DeFi & blockchain, the infrastructure dilemma has resurfaced with a different base problem: liquidity.
Liquidity is a pressing need for both startup DeFi projects and existing protocols. Deep liquidity results in healthy markets and for DeFi, liquidity is the next critical infrastructure layer. DeFi can’t function without liquidity. You can’t complete a PancakeSwap trade without liquidity.
Just like in the early 2000's, crypto project teams are spending more time and money on sourcing, directing, and managing liquidity for their projects than on developing their product. Campfire aims to mend this problem by establishing critical & sustainable liquidity infrastructure in the form of LaaS (Liquidity-as-a-Service) and allowing project creators to hyper-focus on innovation. This broadband liquidity will enable complex new products and behaviors to emerge.
Sustainable liquidity includes several factors:
  • Sustainably produced
  • Democratically sourced
  • Capital efficient
  • Super fluid β€” flowed to markets where it’s most beneficial
  • Encourages a deep accumulation of assets to reduce slippage towards zero

How to get started with Campfire LaaS?

Projects can start using Campfire's LaaS by filling out our LaaS incubator Application.
Once a project has been approved by the Campfire Council and has been accepted into one of our incubation programs, the project will be able to permissionlessly set up pools to bootstrap liquidity and distribute their token in a sustainable manner.
Say Adam is working on a project and has just launched his token ($ADM). To ensure that it is distributed equitably to holders while also increasing liquidity, Adam may pay a visit to Campfire LaaS and set up a CAMPFIRE<>ADM liquidity pool and farm that rewards farmers in $ADM. The initiative would then be reviewed by the Campfire Council, which would flag Adam's proposal based on a set of criteria.

Dynamic Pools

Additionally, Campfire LaaS pools are built to be dynamically managed & rebase incentive emissions to sustain high, reliable yields for liquidity providers and farmers. That is assuming X = emissions become unsustainable, and Y = emissions recalibrate/rebase
XβŠƒYX βŠƒ Y