FireTracker App
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The official FireTracker App is the first entry for users to step into the Campfire Ecosystem
The FireTracker App will be a campfire branded portfolio tracker designed especially for integration with our ecosystem. Seamlessly track your campfire portfolio with aggregated view for multiple wallets and dive deeper with advanced ROI metrics like Return vs Holding. Check your net worth, NFTs, yield earnings, live token info, and much more all in one place. The FireTracker App will also track the performance of the crypto market in real time and allow you to see your portfolio value in over 100 global currencies. It will also include many tools for calculating and optimizing yield farming and investment strategies; such as advanced auto-compounding calculators, impermanent loss calculator, and more.
Users will be able to sign up and sign in with their Campfire ecosystem account and easily manage multiple wallets and purchase the Campfire token through a modern streamlined interface with ease.
While our app is starting as a powerful crypto portfolio and tracker, we have ambitious plans to provide our users with the ability to send, receive and manage cryptocurrencies through our very own custodial digital currency wallet. As well as plans for educational content through daily articles, videos, and guides about DeFi and the crypto space.
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