Campfire Treasury
The treasury is the backbone of the Campfire ecosystem. The treasury is essentially liquidity engine that will power many of the utilities that Campfire has to offer. It will be fueled by a number of sources, such as platform usage fees, but primarily through bonds & asset deployment. It's designed to constantly grow, meaning that the floor price of the $CAMPFIRE token will grow along with it.
The Campfire Treasury expands using its income vectors, such as:
1. Bonds:
Whenever users purchase bonds of various cryptocurrencies, in exchange for discounted $CAMPFIRE tokens, the Treasury grows.
2. Asset deployment:
Campfire Protocol is going to utilize the funds acquired by bonding, minting/redeeming fees and Liquidity Pools trading fees to farm them, returning yields to the Treasury thus increasing its value steadily.
2. Liquidity Provider fees:
The Treasury grows by receiving fees from the LP tokens, which were acquired by the bonds.
3. CampEX trading fees:
Half of CampEX trading fees (0.1%) goes back to the Treasury. Meaning that the bigger the volume of the exchange is, the faster the Treasury grows.
5. NFT minting fees:
The treasury will receive small yet significant fees from each minting of the Pyromaniac NFT collection.
6. NFT marketplace fees
7. $CAMPFIRE transaction tax fees
8. IDO Launchpad fees
9. IDO Launchpad seed investment
10. Auto-Compounding vault fees
11. Liquidity mining withdrawal fees 12. Bonds-as-a-Service Fees
Liquidity and single assets are accumulated in the Campfire Treasury through community pool auctions and bonding pools for the protocol's benefit and are governed by vesCAMPFIRE holders. Bonding pools are the main source of value for the Campfire Treasury, as liquidity and single assets are stored in such.
The Treasury's assets are actively managed to maximize its efficiency and benefit the protocol's users through Snapshot Governance. This could, for example, entail the deployment of bonded CAKE on PancakeSwaps auto-cake vault with delta-neutral strategies to maximize the treasury returns and expand its value, with the goal of, for example, supporting CAMPFIRE tokens or rewarding stakers with different assets such as BUSD, BNB, ETH. CAMPFIRE holders and stakers can manage the Treasury and deploy a number of proposals such as,
  • Use single assets to buy CAMPFIRE and distribute via vesCAMPFIRE staking
  • Distribute assets such as BUSD or BNB to protocol participants via vesCAMPFIRE staking
  • Buy an asset using another asset in the treasury (e.g., buy SafeMoon with BNB)
  • Change the current strategy of assets to maximize their performance


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