$CAMPFIRE is the primary token of the Campfire ecosystem. It's much more than your average token, it employs countless of utilities. $CAMPFIRE rewards and incentivizes the many aspects of the Campfire ecosystem, and creates a cohesive and supportive community. You can use $CAMPFIRE to provide liquidity for partnering and incubating projects, participate in IDOs on our FireStarter platform, enter timed locked vaults and earn sCAMPFIRE (our governance token), purchase our playable & passive-income-generating NFT collections (through our NFT marketplace), enter various high passive income generating pools, get rewarded in our farms, and much more! Not only that but it will also be used in our first of a kind liquidity mining opportunity that pays early adopters with the highest rewards $CAMPFIRE will ever offer. All rewards are greatly multiplied at the start of the project to help stimulate interest and involve loyal investors.
A Free Roaming Smokey From The Pyromaniac Camp.


Campfire's Council (Governance DAO) will be powered by sCAMPFIRE token. The token will be used by holders to present and vote on proposals, which will come in various forms. To receive sCAMPFIRE, CAMPFIRE token holders must time-lock their CAMPFIRE for a certain period of time.

Transactions & Fees

Every swap transaction that occurs with the $CAMPFIRE token is portioned for the following allocation:
  • Treasury Fund: 1% of every buy and 1% of every sell transaction is supplied to the treasury, to continue fueling the campfire and inviting others to come get cozy.

Token Economics

Max Total Supply
The $CAMPFIRE token will have a max total supply of 1 Quadrillion.
Token Distributions & Allocations
$CAMPFIRE will be allocated and distributed as follows:
  • 3% of Supply To Initial Liquidity Pool: Allocated for initial liquidity. These tokens have been matched with BNB to form the initial liquidity pool and LP tokens have been locked for 1 year. Proof of locked liquidity:
  • 5% of Supply To Dev Team: Distributed for bounties and hours for the founding team based on their work towards launch. Half of these will be awarded at launch, and the other half will vest over time.
  • 5% of Supply To Seed Funding: Distributed to the initial investment group and to create a symbiotic relationship with the early adopters.
  • 5% of Supply To Public Sale: Sold to early investors and supporters of Campfire, and allocated to establish a precedent for the future.
  • 80% of Supply Allocated To Liquidity Mining Program, Pools, Staking, and other emissions: Allocated for future rewards in the liquidity mining program. These tokens are not sold during public or private sales, will be time-released throughout the year in order to ensure the long-term success & participation of the project
  • Remaining % of Supply Will Be Thrown Into The Fire πŸ”₯

Token Values

Token Name: Campfire
Decimals: 18
Network: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
Contract Address: 0x286A93b7811e674D27Bc05eD546BB85A7E6043Eb
Token Type: Utility, Governance, Reserve-Backed