Campfire Bank (Staking)


The Campfire Bank allows user to single-stake & lock $CAMPFIRE to earn more $CAMPFIRE through auto-compounding yield, displayed as APY.
For more info on the power of auto-compounding, check The Genius Of Compounding​
When staking, users can either time lock their CAMPFIRE and receive a higher APY, or stake and receive a lower APY but with the ability to withdraw their stake at any time.
Staking is the primary value accrual strategy of Campfire Protocol.
Users stake their $CAMPFIRE on the Campfire website to earn rewards. The rewards can vary based on the number of $CAMPFIRE staked in the protocol and the reward rate set by monetary policy.
The increase in your stake of $CAMPFIRE translates into a constantly falling cost basis converging on zero. If the market price of $CAMPFIRE drops below your initial purchase price, the increase in your staked $CAMPFIRE balance should eventually outpace the fall in price, given a long enough staking period.


vesCAMPFIRE stands for voting escrow & shares CAMPFIRE. The number of vesCAMPFIRE you will receive depends on how long you lock your CAMPFIRE for. The longer you lock your CAMPFIRE, the higher the APY, thus the more vesCAMPFIRE you will receive. The minimum locking time is one week and the maximum locking time is 2 years.

Earn ecosystem fees

Another unique feature with vesCAMPFIRE is that you will be able to earn a portion of ALL Campfire ecosystem fees (such as CampEX fees). These fees will be distributed proportionally to all vesCAMPFIRE holders, depending on the number of vesCAMPFIRE you hold.

Earn Treasury Dividends

vesCAMPFIRE holders will also be able to earn yield generated by the mutually agreed upon treasury strategies. vesCAMPFIRE holders will benefit from treasury yields in the form of stable assets, namely UST at the start. This yield bearing strategy is one the primary value propositions of vesCAMPFIRE and is designed to increase the value of CAMPFIRE over time as treasury dividends increase. The end goal is to create a positive investment loop that incentivizes staking and bonding as the primary functions of the protocol.

Unlock Governance

Governance is an integral part of Campfire Protocol, and vesCampfire holders will have the say in important protocol decisions. The Campfire governance model will be based on the number of vesCAMPFIRE you hold. The more vesCAMPFIRE you hold, the more weight your vote will carry. This will ensure that the community is able to make decisions that are in the best interest of all stakeholders.

When you stake, you lock CAMPFIRE and receive at least an equal amount of vesCAMPFIRE

Your vesCAMPFIRE balance syncs with your locked & staked CAMPFIRE automatically every 28,800 blocks (every 24 hours assuming a consistent 3 second Binance Smart Chain block speed). vesCAMPFIRE is transferable--and therefore composable--with other DeFi protocols.

When you unstake, you burn vesCAMPFIRE and receive an equal amount of CAMPFIRE.

Unstaking means the user will forfeit the upcoming rebase reward. Note that the forfeited reward is only applicable to the unstaked amount; the remaining staked CAMPFIRE (if any) will continue to receive rebase rewards.
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